Lyrics do not you go out of my head strap amo

No matter where I am at home or when on the street

Do not you go out of my mind even though I know you're happy with it, do not you go somewhere out of my head Mygzrvny

Lately I realized that I was not interested in me at all, I'm tired of everything

Add to mainstream're the ones who always break my heart, I'm tired of everything

I myself I'm tired, I closed my eyes on love

No end everything between us was so hard for me early on that I cleanse you from me

Without you I lost everything no matter who you are you or without you

Rosa got this guy

Now I understand you did not interest me at all, I'm tired of everything

Add to those who were mainstream

Always break my heart

I'm tired of everything

I'm tired of you, the love I closed my eyes

No finished whatever it was between us are so hard for me early

I remember that you clean

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